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Saturday, 11 July 2020
Advantages of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Advantages of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

A ball valve whose ball has a stationary shaft is known as trunnion mounted ball valve. Trunnion ball mounted valves are largely used for top force and big dimension. Based on different installation of sealing ring on seat, trunnion ball mounted valve has 2 types of structure, ball backward sealing seat, and ball forward sealing seat.

Properties of trunnion mounted ball valves

Twin block and emission: Trunnion ball mounted valves adopt spring preload floating seat. No matter valves are closed or opened, downstream and upstream seat cuts off fluid. Rentate within mesocoele of body is discharged via drain valve.

Mechanical decompression: When the heat of media in coelom of valves grows outcome in abnormal force rising, the force can be released mechanically by seat instead of safety valves. It is important for safety when valves moving fluid media.

Fire safe design: All of valves have fire safe design. Producing and design follow API 6FA and API 607 standard.

Features of trunnion mounted ball valves

·         Sealing included urgently with greases for rescue: Foreign materials contained in fire or media lead to seat lose its sealing by accident. Grease injection valves can link with oil injection gun immediately. Inlet pump injects sealing oils into sealing parts of seat conveniently and fast and relieves leakage.

·         Full port and decrease port: Full port and decrease can be picked based on needs. Aperture of complete port valves is consistent with inside diameter of pipeline,  perfect for cleaning.

·         Best stem sealing and low operation torque. Besides quality sealing ring, packaging gland is also furnished with O-ring. Twin sealing make sure reliability of stem sealing. Including graphic packaging and sealing oil lower leakage of stem to the lowest ever after fire. Sliding bearing on thrust and steam bearing make valve operation perfect and slow.

·         Stem can be lengthened: for operation and installation, stem can be lengthened. Ball valves with lengthened stem are pretty perfect for pipelines which need to be laid underground, such as gas city.

·         Simple operation: seat and bearing on stem have very less friction coefficient and best self lubrication, which decrease high torque for operation valves. Nevertheless, without sealing grease, valves can also be operated simply for a long term.

Trunnion mounted ball valve applications

·         It can be used in different kinds of fluid services as on-off stop valve that offers bubble-tight shutoff.

·         Metal seated valves can be used in top force and temperature applications.

·         It can be used in gaseous, air, and hydrocarbon as well as vapor services.

·         Trunnion ball valves are largely used with tool tubing to link tools.

Trunnion mounted ball valve disadvantages

·         It cannot be used in service that needed throttling.

·         Due to quick closing and opening, surge forces may increase which could destroy downstream equipment.

·         In slurry or other equal operations, the suspended particles can settle and become trapped in body cavities causing leakage, wear, or valve failure.

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